International Affairs at Ohio State

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Ohio State students are performing research abroad in China as part of a Forestry and Wildlife Research study abroad experience offered through the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Ohio State Buckeyes Abroad in Ireland!

Ohio State Buckeyes Abroad in England!



Congratulations to Cassandra Olson on receiving a Boren Fellowship to study the effects of economic diplomacy of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute at Beijing University’s International Relations Department. Olson is pursuing a dual Master degree from the John Glenn School of Public Affairs…

Ohio State Buckeyes like Cassandra are researching how to make the world a better place for all of us.


A sweet Buckeye moment with a guard to the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. #tbt

Ohio State Buckeyes share their pride in Ecuador during their study abroad experience. Go Bucks!


Last day at the school was hard. I’m going to miss all of my students so much. We have both grown a lot and I know that these kids can make it a year until the next group comes.

Andy enjoyed his time working with young people in Ecuador during his Ohio State study abroad experience.


For the past month, I had the unique opportunity to travel abroad to China and Japan. I had the chance to try authentic food, developed relationships with students and faculty at Dalian Medical University and students at my university. I listened to stories and learned more about health care…

Thoughts about travel from an Ohio State Buckeye who has recently studied abroad in China and Japan.


On a set in the mosfilm studios!

Heidi hanging out on set in Russia!


I’m really going to miss my study abroad trip to Russia!!

Heidi enjoyed her May session study abroad adventure in Russia.


I made it uphill to the top of the mountain to experience and see the most spiritual place in Cahuazhun Grande! Absolutely exhausting.

Andy climbs a mountain while abroad in Ecuador!